I work on integrated projects that draw on a variety of disciplinary perspectives. These projects integrate scholarly research and creativity to develop concepts that fuse theory, efficacy and imagination aimed at having an impact on individual and/or societal well-being. This multi-faceted approach is informed by perspectives and knowledge from different disciplines such as rhetorical theory, art, history, education, law, economics and sociology. Additionally, it focuses on the topic at hand rather then the discipline(s). This creates a dynamic where new information and perspectives from different disciplines and vantage points are continually identified and absorbed into an evolving concept.

I have a dual degree from UC Berkeley (BA Rhetoric; BS Business Administration) and an MFA in Art from CalArts. My work has appeared in various locations and publications such as LACMA, Cabinet Magazine and LA Times. I have given talks at CalArts, Pasadena Art Center, USC School of Art and the USC School of Architecture and Urban Planning.